Image of CD Album : Living The Dream

CD Album : Living The Dream


Silly songs covering all manner of subjects from Dinosaurs to Jaffa cakes and all things in between. Artwork created by The EJB himself featuring no cows at all.

Available on a lovely gatefold CD which will make:

a) a lovely gift for yourself to say well done for the last few months

b) a great present for someone else who you know likes independent self created UK musical comedy

c) one of those things to hang in your garden to scare away the birds from your gentrified herb garden

*Features the Musical Comedy Song Of The Year "Didit" (as voted by Songs In The Key Of Laugh Podcast 2022)


1. Write the Theme Tune, Sing the Theme Tune
2. Rover
3. Didit
4. Windows
5. A Magical Place
6. Dinosaurs
7. Taste of You
8. Kids in Kitchens
9. Ginger Pride
10. Writing on the Wall
11. Breaking Bad
12. Nitpick
13. Hands
14. Jaffa
15. Haiku
16. I'm Way Cooler Than You
17. Today Of All Days 03:17
18. Not A Joining In Song